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There are plenty of options for buying Canadian gold coins, and on this site, we will help you find the very best investment option for you. Below, we have some of the most popular, rarest, and highest quality Canada gold coins on the market, each with their own benefits to investors. Whether you’re looking to invest a significant amount into Canada gold coins or are just beginning to do some research into precious metal investing, an insight into the Canada coins available to you will be valuable.

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Canadian Gold Coins

The Royal Canadian Mint manufactures the most popular Canadian gold coins. The collection of gold coins shown above varies in cost depending on their mintage, purity, and design. Still, they are all an excellent investment if you want to own some gold coins. The Royal Canadian Mint produces Canada’s circulation and collector’s coins; therefore, there are often silver versions of many popular Canada bullion coins.

Popular Coins from Canada

Many of the gold coins from Canada on this site are of the highest purity, including the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, Arms of Canada, Canadian Gold Bluenose, Canadian Gold Bold Black Bear, Canadian Gold Cougar, and more. There are some exceptionally unique coins from Canada too, the Gold Tiger and Dragon Yin and Yang was the first ever coin to be minted with a square hole. If owning rare coins appeals to you, there are only 10 of the Gold Timber Wolf coins worldwide, plus it has a purity of 99.99% and does not attract any taxes.

Investing in Canadian Gold Coins

As you can see, there are many options when it comes to investing in Canada gold coins. There are more affordable options, such as the Gold Year of the Rooster. If you are willing to spend more and buy something with higher purity, a gold coin such as the Gold Roaring Grizzly Bear might suit you. Either way, Canada gold coins have proved to be a stable store of value, as well as rare works of art.