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Mexico has some excellent gold coins for investors and collectors to purchase. On this site, we aim to break down the qualities of these coins and discuss the benefits of investing in Mexican gold coins to help you to make an informed decision on your investment. Buying gold coins is a way of investing in a different asset class and diversifying your portfolio, and these gold coins can safely retain the value of your savings long term. Let’s look at the best gold coins from Mexico.

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Mexican Gold Coins

The gold coins that Mexico has to offer are minted by the Mexican Mint and attract no sales tax or VAT. The Spanish crown established the Mexican Mint in 1535, giving it, and its coins, a history tied to Spanish colonialism. It is the oldest mint in the Western Hemisphere. The Mexican gold coins we have to offer are particularly unique and most likely known by the more experienced investors among you. However, if you are not familiar with these coins, do not let that put you off – if you are looking for high-quality gold coins that come in a huge number of denominations, then these Mexican coins are an ideal investment.

Popular Gold Coins from Mexico

The Mexican Gold Peso is one gold coin that you may have heard of. It has a purity of 900.0 and is a commemorative coin, marking 100 years of independence from Spain. It changes in design, which makes it popular with collectors who wish to obtain each distinct coin. The Mexico Gold Libertad is one of the most unique gold coins in the world. It is known for not having a face value marked upon it, and many investors wish to own the coin for this reason. The spot price of gold determines its value.

Buying Gold Coins from Mexico

We strongly recommend those looking to invest in gold coins to consider these gold coins from Mexico. Among these coins are some highly sought-after commemorative and bullion coins, which are known and traded worldwide. When it comes to buying coins online, it is important to know that the coins you are investing in are authentic and will maintain their value over time. Be sure to thoroughly research the coins you are investing in, as well as where you are buying them from, before handing over funds.