What Is A Gold IRA Rollover?

One of the ways of protecting your retirement funds from inflation, uncertainty, and currency value fluctuations is to invest a portion of your retirement funds in precious physical metals such as gold or silver. The process of transferring your assets from your current retirement fund into gold, whether that be gold coins or bullion bars, is known as Gold IRA Rollover.

Your current investments might include stocks, bonds, cash, regular investments, or other types of retirement accounts, and all of these can be transferred into precious metals on a tax-free or tax-deferred basis.

In this article, we will examine how the conversion of your retirement funds to precious metals operates, whether you are looking to convert stocks, bonds, cash, or any other investments into gold. We will also consider how to find the best company to help you with this transfer.

How Does A Gold IRA Rollover Work?

A Gold IRA rollover involves withdrawing cash from your IRA account and opening a new IRA account with a different administrator. This process should take less than 60 days to complete.

A Gold IRA Rollover is made up of the following steps:

  1. Request a transfer of funds from your current IRA account.
  2. Open a new IRA Account with a new administrator of Gold IRA accounts.
  3. Effect the transfer of a portion of your retirement funds from your current account to your new account. You can transfer any form of asset or investment to the Gold IRA account.
  4. The transfer process will take 60 days to complete. If you hold this amount in your account for longer than 60 days, you could get penalized and have to pay tax on what is considered a withdrawal from your retirement fund.

What Is A Gold IRA Transfer?

A Gold IRA Transfer is much like a Gold IRA Rollover; however, it is believed to be a more secure method of moving your assets. While funds from your current IRA account may get into your bank account in a rollover, a transfer is a transaction purely between the administrators.

In addition to the transfer being between retirement account administrators, some other rules and conditions differentiate a Gold IRA transfer from a rollover.

One benefit of the transfer method over a rollover is that the 60-day rule does not apply. In a transfer, you can also withdraw your funds before retirement age, should you want to. Further, you are only allowed a single rollover in a year, while you can have unlimited transfers.

You can read more about the difference of a Gold IRA Rollover vs A Gold IRA Transfer here.

401(k) To Gold IRA Rollover

You can convert your 401(k) account to a Gold IRA. You can rollover a 401(k) from both your current and former employers.

Of these two, rolling over a 401(k) account from a former employer is much easier than moving over one from a current employer.

To roll over your 401(k) account from a former employer, all you need to do is choose a Gold IRA administrator. Your administrator will then initiate the 401(k) to IRA rollover.

When you want to make a 401(k) to Gold IRA rollover with your current employer, you must check if your employer allows this. Many employers prevent the conversion of 401(k) accounts to self-managed IRAs.

If your current employer doesn’t have any problems with rolling over your 401(k), you can instruct your IRA administrator to begin the rollover process.

When you roll over 401(k) to gold IRA, you need to remember that:

  • You have 60 days to complete the process before it is taxed
  • You can only make one tax-free rollover per year
  • You are not allowed to use this cash to purchase investments or anything else
  • You can choose for the rollover cash or assets to move directly from one administrator to the other without going through your account
  • You can roll over assets from a current or former employer’s 401(k) account

Physical Gold IRA Rollover

When you decide to invest in gold, you can buy physical gold or invest in paper-based, gold-backed assets.

A physical Gold IRA rollover means that you use your retirement fund to buy physical gold bullion or coins. A physical Gold IRA rollover is a more popular choice than holding paper assets, as these can be quickly declared valueless.

Holding physical gold with your Gold IRA rollover ensures that you have a good store of value. Gold retains its value in the long term. Regardless of inflation or collapsed economies, your investment in gold should still maintain its value.

Physical gold is also easy to transfer ownership from one person to another, making it a great liquid asset to have.

However, the physical gold you hold in your IRA must meet the set purity standards. In America, the purity standard for physical gold is 0.995. The gold must also be the official currency of a well-known public entity.

Some types of gold you can hold in your IRA include:

  • Credit Suisse Gold Bars
  • Swiss PAMP Gold Bars
  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin
  • American Gold Buffalo Coin

How To Choose A Gold Rollover Strategy

A gold rollover strategy refers to your method of allocating your retirement funds to a Gold IRA. There are several factors to consider when rolling over funds from one retirement account to another.

How Much Should You Rollover?

How much of your retirement portfolio do you want to use to invest in gold? The amount you are willing to invest will depend on how much money you have set aside for your retirement from your income.

Many financial experts advise that you allocate at least 5% to 10% of your monthly retirement funds. You can invest more than this, depending on the total amount you have put aside already.

When deciding how much you want to allocate your Gold IRA, you need to consider why you are rolling over to gold and consider the forecast of future economic performance. If you expect the economy to grow, other investments like stocks and shares might provide you with quick growth. However, other investments can be volatile, and if you think the economy will not perform well, investing in gold might be wise.

Another thing to consider is how much of a risk you are willing to take. If you are near retirement age, then, of course, it would not be wise to risk your retirement fund. Gold is considered a stable investment; however, you might not want to allocate all your retirement funds to precious metals.

How Diverse Is Your Portfolio?

Diversification helps you to protect your assets. It ensures that you don’t have all your money in a single asset. If you hold too much stock, poor performance in the economy is detrimental to the value of your assets.

A well-diversified portfolio has a mix of assets that ensure it remains stable over time. A Gold IRA rollover diversifies your portfolio further. With a properly diversified portfolio, you can hold about 5% to 10% of your assets in gold.

By investing in gold, you can be sure to maintain and grow the value of your assets in the long term.

The Effects Of Inflation

Inflation affects the purchasing value of money. When investing for retirement, you need to make sure that when you finally retire, that the money you have can sustain your lifestyle in the economy of the time.

This means that you need to invest in assets that will help retain and grow the value of your money as inflation rises. One reason why gold is popular as an investment is that it maintains its value over time, guarding your portfolio against inflation.

Likewise, though it is impossible to predict huge economic collapses, it is worth remembering that gold has maintained its value over events that have had catastrophic results on economies. If you are worried about the huge fluctuations in the value of stocks and shares, rolling over some of your investments to gold might be a way of ensuring some of your funds are protected when unexpected events affect the economy.

Factors To Consider When Seeking A Physical Gold Custodian


When it comes to transferring or rolling over your assets, it is imperative that you go with a company that has all of the required qualifications to do the job properly.

As you search for a custodian, you should make sure that they have certifications regarding their registration, insurance, licenses to handle your funds, and adequate measures in place to keep your investment safe.

Suppose you cannot immediately see their qualifications displayed for you to see. In that case, there is no harm in asking to see relevant information that verifies them as a physical gold custodian. A reputable company will understand that you are trusting them with your retirement funds and will have no problem showing you that they have undergone all necessary training to do the job successfully for you.


Even if the company has all the necessary qualifications, you should check their reviews to ensure that previous customers have found their work satisfactory. Your custodian should be a well-known and trusted one; they are going to be responsible for your retirement funds; therefore, you want them to be experts in their field and know exactly how to handle your investments.

The best place to look for a good custodian is the IRS. Make sure that the custodian you choose is approved to offer custodian services.


The costs included in your Gold IRA rollover will vary depending on the company you choose to go with. It is crucial that you understand the breakdown of the cost before you agree to your chosen company, as there may be hidden costs further down the line.

Since this is a long-term investment, you don’t want all the value you have stored in your asset depleted by storage cost. You want to find a custodian with as smaller storage charges as possible over the long term whilst still using a reputable company that will keep your investment safe.

You can expect to pay from about $100 – $325 for every year your gold is stored. Other custodians may offer free custody for the first year and waive any administration charges for your rollover.

If the cost of storing your gold seems suspiciously low, there may be payments required elsewhere. Be sure that you are familiar with all the terms before signing anything.

Rollover Limitations

When choosing a custodian for your physical Gold IRA rollover, remember that you only have one tax-free opportunity for a rollover every year.

If you choose the wrong custodian, you can’t change within the year unless you are willing to pay the IRS’s stiff penalties imposed on your account.

Therefore, take your time to choose the best custodian for your physical gold IRA rollover.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Gold IRA Rollover Companies

Easy To Work With

If you are not an expert in Gold IRA, it is important to work with a company that will guide you through the process. After all, this is your retirement fund, and both you and the company completing the rollover must know what is happening at every stage in the process.

The Gold IRA rollover company should help you easily open your new Gold IRA rollover account. They can then follow up with your 401(k) or any other IRA administrator to ensure that the transfer of funds or assets is completed effectively.

Once the transfer is completed, they should ensure that your Gold IRA is managed adequately without too much input from you. If you are using a reputable custodian, this should not be too much of a concern.

Customer Support

A rollover process has lots of rules that you should be aware of and follow precisely. Failure to follow these rules and regulations will see you penalized by the authorities.

The Gold IRA company you choose must have superb customer support. This service is so valuable, as they can help inform you of the rules to follow throughout the process.

The company must be willing to answer any questions you may have on their processes or the status of your investment account to prevent you from getting stuck when setting up a Gold IRA.

IRS Approved And Regulated

To ensure your peace of mind, make sure to work with a licensed company to offer IRA services, as they will guarantee that your money or assets are secure in a properly regulated company.

A licensed company is unlikely to jeopardize its status by messing with funds and assets entrusted to it by its customers.

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Enacting a Gold IRA rollover is a great decision for many, as it will protect your savings against inflation in a low-risk manner. However, it is worth putting in the time to ensure that you’re working with the IRA administrator that suits your needs.

Check that the company you are about to trust with your retirement savings is reputable, with an established customer support team that can guide you through the exciting process of setting up a Gold IRA. Read the terms and conditions thoroughly to make sure that you know all costs before committing to moving your funds. Once you are happy with the company you have chosen, together, you can transfer your funds and begin saving.


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