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Germany has a great selection of silver coins, and it is now possible for investors to safely buy these online. On this page, we have collated what we believe to be the best silver coins from Germany for any investor, whether you have already put significant funds into precious metals or are just starting. Investing in coins such as these is an excellent way of protecting your savings from inflation and economic disaster. Thus, let’s take a look at the best German Silver Coins the country has to offer.

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Investment Grade German Silver Coins

These coins are minted by the Bavarian State Mint, which has been functioning since 1871 in Munich. These coins are mostly legal tender currencies. Therefore they can be bought online without any sales tax or VAT. This is great news for investors, as it makes buying coins from all over the globe easier than ever and more financially viable. We have chosen to display German silver coins with high fineness, as these coins are consistently perceived well by investors, retaining their silver price and therefore maintain a stable value long term.

Popular Silver Coins from Germany

The German Silver Mark is the most renowned silver coin from Germany with investors worldwide. It was first minted in 1873 and comes in denominations of 1, 3, and 5 Mark. It has a high fineness of 900.0, and each denomination has a varying design commemorating significant moments in German history, so collectors might wish to obtain one of each.

Buying German Silver Coins Online

If you are looking to invest in precious metals to diversify your investment portfolio, silver coins from other countries such as Germany are a wise way of doing this. We are confident that each of these coins makes for an excellent investment due to their interesting designs, high purity, and ties to significant moments in German history. When buying coins online, we recommend doing so through trustworthy sites such as those we have provided links to on this site to guarantee that you will receive authentic precious metals.