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Though it might not be the first country you think of when buying precious metals, Portugal has multiple silver coins available that make for a wise investment. These coins appeal to traders, investors, and collectors given their ties to Portuguese cultural moments, as well as their denominations and designs. Therefore, we encourage anyone considering investing in precious metals to look at these Portuguese Silver Coins.

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Investment Grade Portuguese Silver Coins

These silver coins have been minted by Lisbon Mint, which has been in operation since the 13th Century. There is no sales tax or VAT charge for buying these coins online, meaning that it is just as easy as buying silver coins from the United States. The coins we have chosen to display on this page are of a high silver fineness, as we believe that these coins are the most likely to retain their high value steadily over time.

Popular Silver Coins from Portugal

The most popular silver coin from Portugal is the Portugal Silver Escudo. It was introduced in 1911 after the Republican revolution in 1910; therefore, collectors interested in European history enjoy collecting this coin. It also comes in a range of denominations (1 escudo, 2 ½ -, 5-,10-,20-, 50-,100- and 200 escudos), meaning that investors have more options. The Portugal Silver Reis is also well known amongst investors and was used as currency before the escudo. It was released in 1380 and has a high purity of 917.0.

Buying Silver Coins from Portugal

When it comes to buying coins online, there are inevitable risks, but these can be easily avoided with some research. Be sure to buy your silver coins from a reputable site that offers similar prices to other sites online, and check that your coins are certified and genuine. Investing in authentic silver coins such as these great options from Portugal will help you diversify your investment portfolio and maintain the value of your savings in the long term.