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Those who are thinking about investing in gold coins online would be wise to look at the gold that Norway has to offer. Here, we have collated some of Norway’s best gold coins for investors and collectors to demonstrate how you can invest in precious metals and grow your savings in the long term. Norwegian Gold Coins are of a high pure gold content and continue to be regarded highly by experts in the field; therefore we highly recommend you look at these options.

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Norwegian Gold Coins

The Norwegian coins we offer on this site are minted by the Royal Norwegian Mint or Mint of Norway, as it is now called. It was established in 1686. The gold coins from Norway that we offer do not attract any sales tax or VAT, and we have chosen to offer Norwegian gold coins of a high quality to ensure that your investment remains high value over time. We have chosen Norwegian coins that come in different denominations so that investors have a choice if this is something they consider when investing in gold.

Popular Gold Coins from Norway

Any of the gold coins we offer on this site tend to be sought after by investors or collectors, but the most popular Norwegian coin we offer is the Norway Gold Kroner. It comes in denominations of 10 and 20 (the 20 being the more popular) and has a purity of 0.900. Only 198,000 of the Gold Kroner were minted between 1874 and 1910, making it relatively rare and increasingly so, which is pushing up its value.

Buying Gold Coins from Norway

Before buying any gold coins online, be sure to study the coin’s details and get to know its features, to know whether it is a wise investment for you. The different denominations and sizes of gold coins offered from Norway means that you can invest as much or as little as you please into these precious metals, but you must buy from a site that provides authentic gold coins at reasonable prices. These gold coins from Norway would be a wise investment for buyers if they understand the precious metals market and their personal reasons for investing.