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Below you can find a vast range of gold bars available to buy online at low premiums above the spot price. If you are an investor or collector you can buy gold bullion bars online in a variety of weights meaning that the smaller or larger investor can easily invest in gold no matter your available budget. All gold biscuits and ingots are brand new, sealed, pure 24 carat gold with a 999.9 fineness and supplied directly from your chosen mint with an authenticity certificate. Gold bricks are sales tax and VAT free and can be added to your gold IRA, pension portfolio or gold retirement account. All gold bricks can be stored in secure storage or you can take delivery at your home or business address.

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Buy Gold Bullion Bars Online

We showcase brand new, sealed and fully certificated gold biscuits from a wide variety of US and UK gold bullion refineries and mints. There are many reputable gold bullion bar manufacturers available including Royal Mint, United States Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, PAMP Suisse, Umicore, Heraeus and the Perth Mint to mention a few. All gold ingots can be used for regular investment purposes and can be stored for Gold IRA and Gold Individual Retirement or Pension accounts.

Gold Bars and Gold Ingots

No matter whether you are a small or large investor; buying gold biscuits is the easiest way to start investing in gold bullion. Gold bars start from as little as ½ gram all the way to a 400 oz gold brick. A lot of the time smaller gold bricks or gold ingots are most commonly bought as gifts whereas larger bars are usually bought for investment.

All gold investment bars available on the Buy Gold Online website (which are often referred to as gold ingots, biscuits or bricks) are fairly priced and is the most cost effective way of buying gold due to lower overheads compared to striking gold coins for example. For investors who are new to investing in precious metals, the 1 ounce gold bar could be a good place to start. If you are buying gold biscuits for investment, in most cases, you will receive a discounted price when buying a larger bar or over 3 small bricks which make up the same weight. However, please bear in mind that this can cause flexibility issues when you are wanting to cash in on your investment.

Invest In Gold Bars

Traders and investors have been investing in gold bars for many years and gold bullion bars are still one of the most popular investments available today. People invest in gold bullion biscuits for a number of reasons including protection against inflation, currency fluctuation, stability and because gold bullion investment is sales tax and VAT free. Although the price of gold can be quite volatile in the short term, gold has always maintained its value over the long term, which makes it an incredibly attractive investment opportunity for the long term investor.