About First Capital Gold

Who We Are

First Capital Gold is an informational website that helps individuals make the right decisions when investing in precious metals. Whether you are a first time or seasoned investor, you should always be 100% certain before you invest your money into something that is a financial risk. For this reason, we offer comprehensive precious metal investment informational products and impartial reviews throughout this website.

First Capital Gold is managed by a group of experienced precious metal investors who have been investing in precious metals for more than fifteen years. Along the way we have made losses, but we have also made some incredible gains! We now know that with better advice at the beginning of our precious metal investment journey, we would have made sounder investments.

We provide information on company’s, products and investments so people can make informed decisions and invest their money with more confidence. We aim to create all informational products to be clear and concise; to help our website users find useful gold, silver, platinum and palladium investment facts and data that will help them to make the right decisions and ultimately healthier profits.

Editorial Standards

First Capital Gold will never knowingly print spurious information in regards to precision metal investments or any other type of investments we host on our website. We are 100% committed to providing the highest quality content that is as accurate as possible; our content is impartial and educational. We believe that investing in precious metals and other similar opportunities can be a realistic way to build a more financially secure future; we also believe that anyone can make money through investing – so long as they have the right mentors and information to hand. For this reason, we will only ever offer accurate unbiased reviews and information on our website. We are real people providing real help.

Editorial Principles


The content we provide, whether it is via our website or social media platforms, is continually checked for accuracy. We do not want people making bad investments because of incorrect information that we provide. We will always strive to make sure that every piece of information we offer to you on our platforms is of the highest quality and correct at all times.

Although we do our absolute best to make sure the information we provide is as accurate as possible, you may while navigating our website find mistakes. If you do find inaccurate information or a simple mistake, please get in touch with us so we can fix it.


We will produce as much content as possible for this website and our social media platforms. However, on occasions we may also publish content from other websites, social media feeds, etc. We do this so our readers can access as much important and useful information as possible.