Canadian Gold Elk

  • Mintage: 275 coins
  • Mint Year: 2017
  • Composition: 31.11g gold (1 t/oz, 0.99999 fineness)
  • Dimensions: 30mm thick by 2.7mm thick
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The Canadian Gold Elk coin is the fourth gold bullion coin in the Call of the Wild Series launched by the Royal Canadian Mint. The elk is a type of an Eastern Asia and North American deer that is best known by Canada’s First Nation tribes as the wapiti. Found mainly in Western Canada and occasionally in Ontario and Prairie Provinces, the elk has towering antlers with massive strength and a huge body size.

The Canadian Gold Elk coin is 31.11 grams heavy, 2.70 millimeters thick and 30.00 millimeters wide. the net gold weight is 31.11 grams (1 t/oz) with a purity of 0.99999. The coin has a face value of 200 Canadian dollars. It also incorporates updated security features in terms of a tamperproof assay card and a micro-engraved Canadian maple leaf. Besides these enhanced security features and gold quality, the no-tax on trading makes it an ideal and valuable collection or investment coin.

The obverse of the Canadian Gold Elk coin contains the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II looking towards the inscription, “D · G · REGINA” on the right side of the coin. The inscription, “SB” for the designer of the 2003 age-adapted effigy of the Queen features on the right collar of the effigy. The texts, “ELIZABETH II”, “2017” and “200 DOLLARS” are inscribed on the left, top and bottom of the coin’s obverse.

The reverse is the work of Pierre Leduc featuring a huge elk whose branch-like horns emerge from the mid-left edge of the coin. The elk has its face raised and mouth open as if bugling (the sound it makes). The artistic expertise is evident in the density of the fur especially around the neck of the elk were a small Canadian maple leaf is engraved. The text, “FINE GOLD 99999 1 OZ OR PUR” runs anticlockwise from the lower horn near the middle-left section to the mid-right section of the coin. The inscription, “CANADA” is above the elk’s head while the tiny text, “PL” is between the horns and the elk’s body towards the mid-left section of the Canadian Gold Elk coin.

Additional information


Royal Canadian Mint

Country of Origin



Canadian Wildlife


31.16 gm

Pure Gold Content

1 Troy oz




999.9 fine gold / 24 carat gold


30.00 mm