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Purchasing silver coins is a wise way of investing in a stable asset class that can protect your funds from inflation and economic disaster over time. You may also be interested in collecting coins for their design and history. On this site, we aim to bring you the best coins from all over the world. Below, we have collected what we consider to be the best Isle of Man Silver Coins for any investor.

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Investment Grade Isle of Man Silver Coins

These coins from the Isle of Man are minted by the Pobjoy Mint, based in Tadworth in England. Established in 1965, they manufacture many renowned bullion coins. We have chosen to draw your attention to the silver coins with the highest silver fineness, as we believe that these will retain their high value and reputation over time, making them the ideal long-term investment. These Isle of Man silver coins do not attract any sales tax or VAT when bought online, meaning that you can trade these coins easily from anywhere in the world.

Popular Silver Coins from the Isle of Man

The most popular silver coin from the Isle of Man is the Isle of Man Silver Pegasus. It was first minted in 2017, so it is a relatively new silver coin. It has a silver fineness of 99.99% and comes in denominations of $1. The coin features an image of Pegasus and Athena, with Queen Elizabeth II on the reverse side. The design of the coin is particularly unique, which appeals to investors.

Buying Silver Coins from the Isle of Man

Now that it is possible to buy precious metals online, it makes investing in coins from all over the world pretty simple. However, it is essential to do your research and only buy from trustworthy sites. Your money will only be protected if you invest in genuine precious metals. Despite this, we are confident that these Irish silver coins, if you invest in the authentic versions, make for excellent investments for those looking to diversify their portfolio.