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Whether you are new to investing in precious metals or already doing so, we encourage you to consider gold coins from Sweden. On this site, we aim to show investors the best coins from all over the world. We consider these gold coins from Sweden a wise investment for collectors and investors based on their history, purity, design, and denominations. If you are thinking about buying gold coins from all over the globe to diversify your portfolio, take a look at these Swedish Gold Coins.

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Swedish Gold Coins

The gold coins that we offer from Sweden are minted by the Swedish Mint, which as of 2011 is now closed, and its coin minting has moved to Finland. There is no sales tax or VAT charges for trading these coins, which benefits investors. We have chosen to show you gold coins from Sweden that come in various denominations to give you the most choice when it comes to finding which gold coin is the best investment for you.

Popular Coins from Sweden

Any of the gold coins that we advertise from Sweden are wise investments, but some are more commonly bought than others. The Swedish Gold Kroner is perhaps the most popular, with a purity of 900.0 and the possibility to invest in 5, 10, or 20 Kroner coins. This coin was struck between 1873 and 1901 and is used as legal tender in Sweden as well as being traded by investors and collectors. It is tied to Swedish history, as it was struck to commemorate King Oskar II.

Buying Swedish Gold Coins

Those looking to buy gold coins from around the world would do well to consider gold coins from Sweden. The high purity and lack of sales tax or VAT with these gold coins make them consistently attractive to investors, keeping their value high. When buying coins online, you should check the prices of gold coins against other sites to ensure that you are paying a fair price, and be sure to thoroughly research your investment to guarantee it to protect your money in the long term.