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If you have been investing in gold coins for a while, you might be familiar with some Polish gold coins. We offer some of the most sought-after gold coins from Poland on this site and can show you their background and why they are popular with investors and collectors. Even if you have never bought precious metals before, these gold coins might be a wise investment if you want to invest in a different asset class and diversify your portfolio. Therefore, let’s have a look at some of the gold coins Poland has to offer.

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Polish Gold Coins

The Polish gold coins we offer on this site are issued mainly by the National Bank of Poland. Trading these coins does not attract any sales tax or VAT, benefiting anyone that chooses to invest in these coins. These coins are issued from various mints and come in different denominations, meaning that there are options to invest as much or as little as you are comfortable with into these gold coins.

Popular Gold Coins from Poland

One of the most popular gold coins we offer is the Poland Gold Bald Eagle, which has a purity of 999.9 and comes in four denominations; 50 zł, 100 zł, 200 zł, and 500 zł. It belongs to a gold coin series known as the Orzel Bielik and was first minted in 1995. The coin was issued frequently until 2017, and they all bear the image of the white-tailed bald eagle. It is one of the purest gold coins in the world and is sought after by investors for this reason.

Buying Gold Coins from Poland

Buying gold coins online can seem daunting, and it’s imperative that you check the reputability of the site you are buying from before handing over any money. Similarly, be sure to read about the background of each coin before choosing to invest to make sure you’re picking the suitable investment for you. However, buying gold coins can be a great way of protecting your savings in the long term, and we believe that any of these Polish gold coins will maintain their value and work as a hedge against inflation.