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If you are looking to invest in gold coins, there are some outstanding options from Belgium to choose from. They are of the highest purity standards, and some are particularly rare, making them an even more special investment. They come in different sizes, with various unique engraved images and texts. It does not matter whether you are new to investing or just looking for some new gold coins to buy; Belgian gold coins are a great option due to their high purity and the fact that they are free from sales tax and VAT.

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Belgian Gold Coins

The gold coins we offer from Belgium are minted by the Royal Belgian Mint, founded in 1830. The coins are free from sales tax or VAT when you buy them online and are particularly sought after by investors for this reason. Investing in gold coins from Belgium is a safe investment, as this consistent desire to buy Belgian gold coins keeps their value high.

Popular Gold Coins from Belgium

Whether you are looking for collector’s items or rare gold coins, there are some great options from Belgium. The Belgium Gold Franc comes in three variations struck in different periods, the first being as early as 1834. Minting of this coin has now stopped, meaning that there is a limited amount to invest in, making it more desirable to buyers. Investors interested in Belgium’s history might be interested in collecting these different versions of the Franc which are all part of European history.

Buying Gold Coins from Belgium

Investing in gold coins from Belgium online will diversify your portfolio and ensure your investment grows over time, as investors particularly covet the coins we offer on this site. You can choose from various sizes and weights or buy in larger batches if you have sufficient funds and are excited by the prospect of making money on your gold investment. Compare the prices of Belgian gold coins on our website before investing online to ensure that you get the best price.