Platinum Price Chart

Platinum Price Chart in USD – Platinum Price by Oz, Gram & Kilo

Study how platinum prices have changed over the last 25-plus years via the First Capital Gold platinum price chart. You will be able to see the profits you could have made had you invested in platinum at different times over the previous weeks, months and years. Our precious metal price charts are continually kept up to date, so if you have already invested in platinum, or you are considering investing, you will be able to follow the current prices.

Our platinum price chart will show you prices in US dollars ($); there are also three different weight options: troy ounces, grams and kilos. Troy ounce is the most common weight used for precious metals; grams and kilos are used because of the coins and bars that are available in smaller and larger weights. You can adjust the price chart to suit your requirements – if you want to invest larger sums of money you can study the chart with the weight set at kilos.

Platinum Price

If you study the platinum price chart you will see that although the price of platinum is on the decline – it has not increased that much since 1992 – you can still invest at the right time and hold onto your product to make healthy profits. You will see that in 2008 its price reached an all-time high before dropping down dramatically to once again increase to a high price in 2011. There is money to be made in platinum investing if you do your research and invest at the right moment. Study the platinum price chart and you will know when it is time to invest your money.

Do you want to Invest in Platinum?

If you are interested in investing in platinum bars and coins, the First Capital Gold website can assist you with our wide range of tools and information. You will find detailed information about the platinum products that are available for investing and collecting purposes, including their different weights and denominations. The platinum price chart will show you how platinum has performed over the last 25-plus years; you will also be able to study in detail how the product has performed over the previous week, month, three months and so on – important for serious precious metal investors.

Free Platinum Investment Guide

First Capital Gold will help you to make the right platinum investment choices. Detailed advice is offered via product images and descriptions and various tools which allow individuals to research how platinum has performed over the weeks, months and years. We want people to make the right decisions so they can hopefully build a strong investment portfolio that will help them to build a financially secure future. You can also submit your details and we can connect you with a precious metal investment advisor who will help you to make the right platinum purchases.