Buy Spanish Silver Coins Online

For those looking to diversify their investment portfolios, buying silver coins from around the world is one low-risk way of doing so. Investors can purchase Spanish Silver Coins online at competitive prices. Each has unique designs, ties to European history, and a range of denominations and prices to suit each investor. Let’s take a look at the best silver coins Spain has to offer.

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Investment Grade Spanish Silver Coins

These silver coins are minted by the Royal Spanish Mint, established in 1893. Since these coins are primarily legal tender, investors can buy them online without paying any sales tax or VAT, making it simple to buy silver coins from all over the world. We have prioritized showing you the silver coins from Spain that have a high fineness, as we believe that these will protect your funds and retain a higher silver price over the long term.

Popular Silver Coins from Spain

The Spain Silver Escudo is the most popular Spanish silver coin with investors and collectors. The 1 escudo is the most used of the coins, but it does come in denominations of 1, 2, and 10 escudos. It debuted in 1864 and has a fineness of 810.0. It was only minted until 1868, except for the 10 silver escudo, which was minted until 1873; therefore, these coins are quite coveted.

Buying Silver Coins from Spain

Regardless of whether you are new to investing in precious metals or consider yourself an expert, these silver coins from Spain make for an excellent investment. Though buying coins online is easy, it is still essential to understand the precious metals market and its risks. When making any purchases of coins, check that you are buying from well-established sites that will provide you with certified, authentic silver coins for a fair price.