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If you’re interested in investing in precious metals to diversify your portfolio, buying palladium coins is a wise way of doing so. We have collated what we consider to be the best palladium coins for new and experienced investors on this site. This collection contains coins from all over the world, which come from various mints and feature iconic designs to represent historical moments. We encourage any investor or collector to look at these palladium coins and consider the benefits of investing in them.

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Investment Grade Palladium Coins

The palladium coins we have chosen to highlight are generally of an impressive purity, as those with the highest fineness are likely to maintain their high value over time, keeping your funds as safe as possible. Many of these coins also have gold, silver, and platinum coins they match as part of a set, which might interest collectors. The Palladium Gold Eagle, China Palladium Panda, and Canadian Palladium Maple Leaf are perfect examples.

Popular Palladium Coins

The palladium coins mentioned above are some of the most popular choices with investors. Any of those we have chosen to display are traded regularly and, therefore, an excellent investment. The Australian Palladium Emu is consistently sought after, as they have an impressive purity of 999.5 and had a low annual maximum mintage in their mintage period of between 1995 and 1998, making them difficult to get hold of, and therefore rather coveted. The American Palladium Eagle also has a purity of 999.5, was first minted in 2018 and is famous for its gold and silver counterparts of the original Eagle coin.

Buying Palladium Coins Online

By investing in palladium, you are investing in an asset class that is relatively stable and likely to help grow your investment in the long term. However, it is imperative that every investor does their research and is familiar with the precious metals market. Buying coins online can be risky, and buying from the wrong site could mean your money is spent on non-authentic versions of coins, meaning that your investment will not grow in value. Be sure to read up about the coins you wish to purchase and buy from a well-known and trusted seller.