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Switzerland has some excellent gold coins available for investing or collecting high-quality coins with unique designs. You might be considering buying gold to protect your funds from inflation in the long term, or you might be interested in the history of particular gold coins and collect a nation’s or time period’s bullion. Either way, the Swiss coins we offer on this site have numerous benefits and come in multiple denominations, and therefore prices, meaning that any investor should consider these Swiss gold coins.

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Swiss Gold Coins

The gold coins from Switzerland that we offer on this site are minted by Swissmint, also known as Bern Mint, which was established in 1848. Trading these Swiss coins is free from sales tax and VAT, which is one reason why these coins are so eagerly traded by investors. Some of these gold coins, such as the Switzerland Gold Unze, have an incredibly impressive fineness of 999.9, meaning that it is particularly sought after by investors.

Popular Gold Coins from Switzerland

As mentioned, the Gold Unze is regarded highly. It comes in various denominations of 1, ½, ¼, 1/10 but remains consistent in its design, which features an image of Helvetia surrounded by stars. However, the Switzerland Gold Franc is perhaps even more popular overall. It was first struck in 1897 and comes in face value denominations of 100, 20, and 10 francs. It also has an impressive gold purity of 900.0. You might see this coin referred to as Vreneli, or ‘Swiss Miss’ less formally.

Buying Gold Coins from Switzerland

Whether you’re new to investing or just looking for more gold coins to add to your collection, the Swiss gold coins we mention on this site are an excellent way of diversifying your portfolio in a safe way. These gold coins from Switzerland should only be purchased through reputable sites offering fair prices for these coins to protect your funds and ensure that they grow over time. Be sure to read up on each of the potential coins to fully understand your investment before buying any Swiss coins online.