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If you are looking to invest in gold coins, there are some outstanding options from Hungary to choose from. The first gold mintage in Hungary was founded between 997 and 1038, not long after establishing the Kingdom of Hungary. These old Hungarian gold coins have been a key inspiration for those minted in the 20th and 21st Century. Regardless of whether you are new to investing or exploring online for some new gold coins to purchase, these Hungarian coins are worth your consideration.

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Hungarian Gold Coins

The gold coins we offer from Hungary are minted in various locations, depending on the period in which they were struck. You can be assured that the coins are free from sales tax or VAT when you buy them online, making them popular with investors wishing to trade them. The actual price of some of these coins is determined by the world gold spot price, which fluctuates with the demand for gold. This means that there is potential to pick up these coins at a low price and make an excellent return on them.

Popular Gold Coins from Hungary

Whether you are looking for collector’s items or rare gold coins, Hungary has some great options. The Hungary Gold Korona is extremely hard to come by as it was issued in limited numbers between 1892 and 1914, meaning it is of high value today and will likely only increase in value with time. It has a high purity of 900.0. The Hungary Gold Florin is of the same purity and is also a popular coin as it encapsulates moments in history. There are different versions of the coin with Charles 1, Louis 1 and Mary struck on them. It is a commemorative coin, and collectors love it.

Buying Gold Coins from Hungary

We have taken the time to select some of the best coins from Hungary you can invest in to help you to diversify your portfolio and protect your funds from inflation. The size and price of your investment are entirely flexible, depending on if you want to buy gold coins from Hungary or the more common coins, which are less pure. Either way, be sure to compare the prices of Hungarian gold coins on our website before investing online to ensure that you get the best price for your investment.