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If you are considering investing in physical precious metals, we have chosen some French gold coins that may interest you. These gold coins are in limited supply yet exist in multiple denominations; therefore, they are suitable for collectors and investors alike, and you can put as much or as little money into gold bullion as you desire. The French bullion we offer are of high purity and are sought after as a way of protecting your funds from inflation and economic uncertainty. If you’re debating which gold coins to invest in, we highly encourage you to look at these French gold coins.

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French Gold Coins

These French coins have been minted by the Paris Mint, also known as Monnaie de Paris. The French mint was established in 864AD, making it the oldest mint globally that has been operating continuously. If you do want to invest in these bullion coins, you have options regarding the size and value of your purchase. For example, the France Gold Franc comes in denominations of 20, 50, and 100, and the France Gold Euro comes in denominations of 10, 20, 50 and 100. Before investing in any gold coins, be sure to check the purity; for example, the 10 and 20 French Gold Euros are 92% pure, whereas the 50 and 100 have a purity of 99.99%.

Popular Gold Coins from France

On this site we pride ourselves in providing the most popular gold coins. The France Gold Euro, for example, has been minted since 2002 and investors are still eagerly trading it, expecting its value to increase in the future. Its unique rooster design might be of interest to collectors who are looking for something new. We have some older gold coins too, such as the Franc, introduced in 1861. It was previously used as legal tender but is now a popular bullion coin that has been increasing in value since it stopped being minted. Like the French Gold Euro, the detailed design also attracts investors and collectors alike.

Buying Gold Coins from France

We understand that buying gold coins online can feel daunting, and any investor must research a variety of gold coins before choosing to purchase bullion. These particular coins that we have decided to offer are consistently sought after by investors. As a consequence of this demand, your investment should not fluctuate dramatically in value and instead should grow in the long term. Investing in gold bullion such as these French coins is a wise way of diversifying your portfolio and ensuring that your savings do not lose value over time.