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The Isle of Man is a small island in the Irish Sea, and though it is small, it has some incredible options when it comes to gold coins for investors and collectors. The coins are VAT-free and capital gains exempt yet have the potential to continue to grow in value as they are greatly dictated by the spot price of gold worldwide. There is a huge variety of denominations, purities and designs between the bullion coins we offer on this site, so we recommend looking at the details of each and considering what would be the best investment for you.

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Isle of Man Gold Coins

The gold coins are all minted by Pobjoy Mint, founded in 1965. It is the leading manufacturer of legal tender coins for British Overseas Territories and produces bullion and commemorative coins. As we mentioned, many of these coins are dictated by the spot price of gold, and investors enjoy trading this coin due to its regular increase in value. There is potential for an incredibly successful investment if you do your research and buy at the right moment.

Popular Gold Coins from Mann

The Gold Crown is a very attractive coin to investors globally. Pobjoy Mint has a reputation for its high-quality minting. Each of the different versions of the coin, which all feature Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, continues to be sought after. The Gold Sovereign and Half Gold Sovereign are also well-liked coins. They both have a purity of 916.7 and are used as bullion coins across the world today. Investors have made huge profits on these coins, and their actual value is significantly more than their face value.

Buying Gold Coins from the Isle of Man

If you’re interested in buying gold coins, these options from the Isle of Man are essential to consider. It is important to watch the spot price of gold and make sure you buy them for a good price and from a reputable website. If you do this, you can grow your investment over time, as these bullion coins are in high demand, which drives up their value. We can assure you that the gold coins listed on this site are authentic and a wise investment for this reason, but we still encourage you to research your investment and understand the qualities of Isle of Man gold coins before investing.