Buy Gold UK – Investing in Gold in The United Kingdom

Do you want to buy gold UK? If you’re based in the United Kingdom and want to invest in gold online, you have landed at the right website. Whether you are investing in gold online in the United Kingdom for investment or collectors purposes there are a number of options when it comes to investing in gold online. For collectors, or small investors a good place to start looking to buy gold online in the UK is either a local gold bullion, coin dealer or online gold brokers. If you are looking for a larger investment in gold and want to invest for the long term, a gold retirement fund or gold individual retirement account may suit your circumstances better where you can invest in gold funds which you can cash out when you retire. This page will help to explain the different options you have when wanting to invest gold in the United Kingdom.

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Invest in Gold Online UK

If you are just testing the water by investing in gold, then UK online gold brokers have a large variety of gold bullion coins and gold bars to choose from.reputable UK based gold brokers often have the lowest prices, as their operating costs are much lower which allows investors and collectors to invest in gold online at a fairly affordable rate. Because you can choose the weight of the gold you want to invest, most investors can invest as little as £100 worth of gold as an initial investment.

There are many benefits to investing in gold online in the UK. The majority of UK gold brokers often provide secure gold storage where they will store your gold in insured UK based vaults – so you won’t even need to take delivery of your bullion. Because of this, you will often be provided with a discount price on the gold bullion you are investing for using their storage facilities. This is a much safer option than storing in your home where you susceptible to burglaries and theft. Most UK gold brokers have a large selection of investment opportunities, provide live spot prices and can even offer buy back services.

Gold Retirement Account UK

If you are looking to invest in gold in the UK for the long run and would like a nest egg for when you are older, a gold retirement account would be suitable for this purpose. A gold retirement account is where where an investor will purchase physical gold or other precious metals to be held in custody for a certain time period and a later date exchanged for GBP/£. A gold retirement account in the UK works exactly the same as a regular retirement account, except you would hold physical gold in the form of gold bars instead of holding paper bonds.

Gold retirement accounts in the UK usually provide investors the opportunity to invest in the four most precious metals – gold, silver, platinum and palladium. The only stipulation is that the investor buys the metals in approved bullion bar products, which are stored correctly and resold in the same condition they are purchased in. Unfortunately gold coins are not applicable for UK retirement accounts.

If you decide to invest in a UK gold retirement account, you must use a company that is industry recognised. We only recommended opening Gold individual retirement accounts in the UK with an established company, ideally with a BCA rating of AAA. Also ensure that the storage provided by the gold retirement company stores your gold to industry standards before making any long term gold investments.

Gold Bullion & Gold Coin Dealers UK

There are lots of UK gold bullion coin and bar dealers all over the United Kingdom. You can also find deals in local pawn brokers on various precious metals. The only problem you face when dealing with local gold dealers is that while perfectly trustworthy and most will sell high quality gold, they often carry smaller inventories and can charge higher prices due to overheads and other operating costs. Please bare this in mind when buying gold in the UK from a local dealer.

You can find a number of reputable dealers on the First Capital Gold website, who are established, industry recognised and trustworthy if you decide to purchase your gold on the “high street”. You can click on any of the counties and towns on the UK map at the top of this page to find a local gold dealer near you.

Invest in Gold Bullion & Gold Coins UK

History of Gold Investment in the UK

If you want to invest in gold in the UK, investors and collectors have a large variety of gold bullion bars and coins to choose from. Gold bullion comes in many different shapes and sizes, with varying weight and purity of gold to choose from. Smaller investors can begin investing in gold in the United Kingdom by investing in smaller gold bullion bars such as the 1 gm bar or gold bullion coins, whereas larger investors may prefer to invest in larger gold bars up to 1 ounce in weight.

The Royal Mint is the main manufacturer of UK gold coins and bars, although there are many other reputable mints, the Royal Mint has the largest selection to choose from. They have minted gold coins such as the Gold Sovereign, Gold Half Sovereign and the Gold Britannia.

The British Gold Sovereign is by far the most popular gold bullion coin to invest in the UK. Designed by Benedetto Pistrucci with the iconic image of St. George on the back of a horse. These 999.9 fine gold bullion coins come in a number of weights: 1/10th ounce, ¼ ounce, ½ ounce and 1 ounce.