Canadian Gold Bold Black Bear

  • Mint Year: 2016
  • Face Value: 350 Canadian Dollars
  • Gold content: 35g 1.125 t/oz, 0.99999
  • Mint: Royal Canadian Mint
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The Royal Canadian Mint established in 1908 added the Canadian Gold Bold Black Bear coin to its Call of the Wild series of gold coins. The gold black bear is commonly associated with knowledge, introspection and strength based on Canadian aboriginal folklore. Thus, this coin is a celebration of the bold and extremely inquisitive animal, which is an icon in the wilderness of Canada and a critical part of the indigenous heritage.

Minted in 2016, only 350 of these coins were produced. The Canadian Gold Bold Black Bear coin has a face value of $350. It is ideal for investors and collectors because they are rare and feature a majestically stunning design with detailed looks. Trading in the coins is also free from sales or VAT tax. Moreover, investors and collectors get pure gold in 35 grams (1.125 t/oz with a purity of 0.99999) in a single coin, which is 34 millimeters wide.

The observe of the Canadian Gold Bold Black Bear coin features the Susanna Blake’s 2003 effigy of Queen Elizabeth II, which is facing to the right and has the inscription, “SB” on the right shoulder. On the upper half of the coin, the effigy separates the texts, “ELIZABETH II” and “D · G · REGINA” to its left and right respectively. The inscription, “99999” is right above the effigy’s shoulder while the bottom section of the coin has the text, “FINE GOLD 350 DOLLARS OR PUR” running anticlockwise.

The bold black bear, occupying more than three-quarters of the coin’s reverse appears in its natural environment as if moving through a forest. Trees tower in the background of the huge bear that seems to have paused as if picking a scent for a potential source of food. In this reverse content designed by Pierre Leduc of Canada, the bold black bear is turning its head towards the right. The inscription, “CANADA” appears at the top while the year, “2016” is midway to the right edge of the coin. A closer look into the detailed reverse design will reveal the abbreviation, “PL” a neat the bear’s left front leg.

Additional information


Royal Canadian Mint

Country of Origin



Canadian Wildlife


35.00 gm

Pure Gold Content

1 Troy oz




999.9 fine gold / 24 carat gold


34.00 mm