Canadian Gold Arms of Canada

  • Denominations: $300 and $2,500
  • Gold fineness: 99.99%
  • Years of Mint: 2014 and 2016
  • Tax status: Exempt
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The Canadian Gold Arms of Canada coin embodies the history and founding of this North American Country and the Coat of Arms. King George V proclaimed the Coat of Arms of Canada on 21 November 1921. Despite undergoing several artistic revisions, the present-day Coat of Arms of Canada still have similar heraldic components that are found in the initial version.

The Canadian Gold Arms of Canada coin is the last of the 14-coin series made of 24-carat gold in celebration of the Coat of Arms of the three territories and 10 provinces of Canada. Only 500 coins with a face value of 300 Canadian dollars were minted in the coin’s debut year of 2014. The coin has a 50-millimeter width and weights 60 grams and a gold fineness of 0.9999.

In 2016, the Royal Canadian Mint issued another 10 coins in the version of the Canadian Gold Arms of Canada coin only that the face value this time was 2,500 Canadian dollars. The coin has a bullion weight of pure 99.99%, 32.148 t/oz gold. Investors and collectors can be sure of a pure gold alloy whose trading they will not pay sales tax or VAT for.

The obverse of the 2014 and 2015 coins are similar, save for the value inscriptions of face values of, “300” and “500”. They both have the 2003 revised effigy of Queen Elizabeth with the inscriptions, “QUEEN ELIZABETH II” and, “D · G · REGINA” to the left and the right of the effigy. The reverses are also similar except that the 2016 version has the inscription, “1 kg” added to the text running anticlockwise at the bottom. Both coins bear the detailed Cathy Bursey-Sabourin’s engravement of the Coat of Arms of Canada in the middle of the coin. The Coat of Arms sits on the scroll with the Canadian motto, “A MARI USQUE AD MARE” above wreath of floral emblems depicting the Scottish thistle, French lily, English rose and Irish shamrock roses. Two other similar floral emblems flank the Coat of Arms on the left and right sides from the edge of the coin.

Additional information


Royal Canadian Mint

Country of Origin



Arms of Canada


1000.00 gm

Pure Gold Content

32.15 Troy oz




999.9 fine gold / 24 carat gold


101.60 mm