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Whether you are new to investing or just looking for some new gold coins to buy, Denmark gold coins could be the right choice for you due to their high purity and the fact that they come in numerous designs and sizes. They are free from sales tax and VAT, making them continuously appealing to investors looking to diversify their portfolios and buy gold bullion. The different size options and variations based on the mintage period mean that there is a Denmark bullion option for every investor.

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Danish Gold Coins

The gold coins we offer from Denmark are minted by the Danish Royal Mint, established by the Danish monarchy in 1739. Its headquarters are in Copenhagen. These Danish coins are free from sales tax or VAT when you buy them online, which makes it appealing to investors. These coins are in high demand, making it a great buy as their value should sustain over time.

Popular Danish Gold Coins

Our most popular Danish coin is the Denmark Gold Kroner, which was struck between 1863 and 1917, and there are limited coins available currently. This shortage is because they were minted in small qualities and because the Kroner comes in unique designs with portraits of three rulers, Christian IX, Fredrick VIII, and Christian X; therefore, these coins are in demand. Their value is determined by the world gold spot, though they come in denominations of 10 and 20.

Buying Gold Coins from Denmark

Buying gold coins online can be risky, so be sure to check the bullion prices online to make sure you are buying from a reputable site and are paying a competitive price for your gold. However, investing in gold coins from Denmark online will ensure your investment grows over time, as investors particularly covet the bullion we offer on this site. We can assure you that the gold coins from Denmark provided on this site are authentic and a wise investment for this reason, but we still encourage you to research your investment and understand the qualities of Danish gold coins before investing.