Buy Canadian Silver Coins Online

Canada has a wide range of precious metals, including silver coins, available to investors and collectors. We have collated what we consider to be the best Canadian silver coins to buy online on this page. Many of these coins are available in multiple metals, and there are options for new investors who may not wish to put too much of their savings into silver coins at present. Therefore, we encourage anyone considering buying coins to protect their wealth to look at these coins from Canada.

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Investment Grade Canadian Silver Coins

The silver coins from Canada that we display on this page are minted by the Royal Canada Mint, established in 1908. The mint produces circulation coins for Canada and other nations. There is no sales tax or VAT for purchasing and trading these coins, and some of them are relatively affordable. For example, though it has an impressive fineness of 99.99%, the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf is often popular with new investors due to its affordability.

Popular Silver Coins from Canada

Lots of these silver coins will be known to seasoned investors. The Canadian Predator Silver Cougar, the first of the Canadian Predator Series, is a popular choice. It has a fineness of 99.99%, and since the design changes annually, there are relatively few of this coin. The Canadian Silver Spirit Bear is a popular coin with collectors as it is known for its impressive finish and purity of 99.99%. It also comes in three different denominations (50, 250, and 500 dollars), which appeals to investors.

Buying Silver Coins from Canada Online

Canada has a great range of silver coins to choose from, many of which come in other precious metals. Many of these coins are really affordable, making them an excellent choice for new investors. However, we recommend that all potential buyers study these coins and the websites selling them before making any purchases. Buying silver online comes with risks, and to ensure your investment will retain its value in the long term, you must buy genuine, certified silver coins.