Canadian Gold Year of the Tiger

  • Alloy: 75% 18-carat gold + 25% silver (0.9999 fineness)
  • Weight: 11.84 grams
  • Mint: Royal Canadian Mint
  • Sales tax and VAT Exempt
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The Canadian Gold Year of the Tiger coin is part of the Canadian Lunar coin series, which are based on the Chinese Lunar cycle calendar. The calendar was introduced many centuries ago and has 12 animals corresponding to 12 years as opposed to months in its lunar zodiac. The year 2010 was a celebration of the Year of the Tiger with a face value of $150.

The Canadian Gold Year of the Tiger coin is a 75 percent 18-carat gold (0.750 fineness) and 25 percent silver (0.9999 fineness) alloy. The coin weight is 11.84 grams while its diameter spans 28 millimeters. Investors and collectors find the coin dramatic, beautiful and powerful containing the ferocious tiger. The most appealing investment and collection tip is that only 2,500 coins were minted and trading in them does not attract any tax.

The obverse of the Canadian Gold Year of the Tiger coin contains the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II without a crown based on the 2003 work of Susanna Blunt facing to the right. The effigy version is the fourth to feature on Canadian coinage. Around the effigy, the inscriptions, “ELIZABETH II” and “D · G · REGINA” can be seen. The text D G REGINA is a Latin abbreviation for “Dei Gratia Regina), which translates to, “Queen by the Grace of God”. The reverse contains a roaring tiger standing on a stony hill with its body facing to the left and its head turned towards the right looking over to two illustrations of clouds. On the left of the tiger is the Chinese symbol for tiger from where the inscription, “CANADA 2010” running clockwise towards the two clouds along the edge of the coin proceed. Below the tiger is the text, “150 DOLLARS”.

Established on 2nd January 1908 with its headquarters located in Ottawa and a branch in Winnipeg, the Royal Canadian Mint is the exclusive mint and distributor for the Canadian Gold Year of the Tiger coin. The Mint is wholly owned by the Government of Canada, but its shares are held by the Crown in trust for the Canadian people.

Additional information


Royal Canadian Mint

Country of Origin



Chinese Zodiac


11.84 gm


75% gold, 25% silver


28.00 mm