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If you are looking to invest in South African Gold coins, we have a superb selection that you can choose from. Each coin available on our website is perfect for various investment levels. Our website allows you to compare prices from various online bullion dealers to choose the most viable deal for your investment. All bullion coins are bullion standard and come with an assay card and authentic certificate – all of which will be shipped directly to the address you choose. You can use many of the coins below for a pension, RRSP or IRA account. Some of the products mentioned below also come with secure gold coin storage.

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South African Gold Coins

The South African Mint, which is headquartered in Centurion in Gauteng, South Africa, manufactures all the popular SA Gold coins on behalf of the South African Reserve Bank, which owns the Mint. The SA Mint also produces commemorative coins for both South Africa and other countries including South Sudan and Zimbabwe. For example, the Mint manufactured the South Sudanese pound coins and the Zimbabwean bond coins.

Gold Coins from South Africa

Regardless of whether you are a seasoned investor or a novice, investing in bullion coins from SA is an excellent and safe choice of investment in gold bullion coins. While the South African Krugerrand gold coin is the most popular of all, there are other popular gold coins such as the Gold Pond or Gold Protea. These coins are available in different weights, which range between 1/10 troy ounces and 1 troy ounce with a fineness that starts from 0.9167. You can purchase the gold coins from South Africa as single coins or in batches of ten.

Invest in Kruggerand Coins

Investing in gold coins is still a popular investment that began many years ago. Investors and collectors find the South African bullion coins to be a safe investment. For an investor on low budget, starting with an entry level purchase of the 1/10-ounce Krugerrand gold coin may be a good idea. Investors with higher investment portfolios are best placed to buy the gold coins with bigger weights in batches of 10 or even investing in a broad range of 1-troy ounce South African gold coins. Compare the prices of bullion coins on our website before investing to ensure that you get the best price when you buy precious metals online.