Buy US Gold Coins Online

If you’re looking to buy gold coins to collect or invest in long-term, sometimes you need not look any further than the United States. America has some incredible investment options for new investors and experts alike, and we have put together some of our favorite gold coins from America for you to peruse. Amongst this list are some popular coins, some coins with unique and rare designs, all of which come in various denominations for you to choose from.

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American Gold Coins

Since these bullion coins come from all over the United States, they have been minted by various branches of the United States Mint; Philadelphia, Denver, San Francisco, and West Point Mint. These coins are all free from sales tax or VAT, which hugely benefits investors who aim to trade these coins frequently and wish to make the most money possible from these transactions. We have selected American gold coins with the highest purity to recommend, such as the American Gold Liberty, which has a fineness of 99.99%. These high-quality coins are almost guaranteed to retain their value over time, making them a low-risk investment.

Popular Bullion Coins from the US

We aim to show potential investors the most popular and sought-after gold coins, and all of the gold coins from the United States above are perceived to be great investment choices by experts. Of course, some coins are more popular than others. The American Gold Indian Head is one that investors or collectors may recognize for its unique design featuring a Native American man and its fineness of 900.0. The Gold American Eagle, the United States’ official gold bullion coin, is another well-known choice, which comes in various denominations and features Lady Liberty on one side and a family of bald eagles on the other.

Buying Gold Coins from the US

The United States has some wonderful options if you are looking to invest in bullion coins. Many of the coins are well-known and traded frequently, which means that their value is stable and that your investment should grow with time. When buying gold coins online, whether they be American or not, you must be careful about making sure you are buying authentic bullion coins from a trustworthy site. Any coins and sites we recommend on this page will provide you with high-quality, genuine coins that will protect your funds from inflation.