Buy Netherlands Silver Coins Online

The Netherlands has some excellent silver coins for investors if you are looking to buy precious metals online and would like to purchase coins from around the world. These coins have a rich history and are valued highly, for this reason, making them an excellent investment as they become more and more coveted. On this page, we have collated the best silver coins from the Netherlands for you to peruse.

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Investment Grade Dutch Silver Coins

These silver coins have been minted by the Royal Dutch Mint, which was founded in 1567. Investors and collectors should be aware that trading these coins typically does attract a sales tax or VAT charge, which must be factored in when buying these coins online. However, these coins are of high purity, and therefore these charges often do not prevent people from investing in them.

Popular Silver Coins from the Netherlands

The Netherlands Silver Gulden is probably the best-known Norwegian silver coin amongst investors. It was first minted in 1680 and has a high fineness of 910.0. This coin is coveted because it comes in many editions up to 1973, where the minting of the coin ceased. It comes in various denominations, and some versions of the coin are rarer than others, so be sure to check which version you are purchasing.

Buying Silver Coins from the Netherlands

Buying silver coins from the Netherlands might be the perfect next move if you are thinking about buying precious metals. These coins are well known amongst investors, and therefore, we are confident that they will retain the value of your investment long term. When buying coins online, take the time to check you are buying genuine silver from a trusted site, such as those we have linked on this website.