Platinum American Eagle

  • Manufacturer: US Mint
  • Weight: 1 oz, ½ oz, and ¼ oz and 1/10 oz
  • Fineness: .9995
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The Platinum American Eagle coin is a fitting tribute to the spirit of freedom and patriotism of the United States. Both investors and collectors alike are attracted by the allure and elegance, which when combined with the imposing Statue of Liberty, the sheer magnitude and awe are celebrated by everyone who sets his eyes on the coin. While the obverse has remained unchanged since its release, the reverse of the proof Platinum American Eagle coin remains unique in that it changes each year. This remains the only coin in U.S Bullion coins that have a reverse with a yearly changing design.

The first Platinum American Eagle coin was minted in 1997. The obverse of the coin, designed by John Mercanti, bears the inscription: “Liberty looking into the future.” This is the image of the Statue of Liberty, struck in sharp contrast, to make it appear as if the coin is actually staring at you. American Platinum Eagles are valued for their platinum as well as patriotic design. The coins are available in 1 oz, ½ oz, and ¼ oz and 1/10 oz weights. The platinum found in the coin is highly sought by investors due to its value and rarity. Deriving its name from the Spanish word platina, which means “little silver”; platinum products including proof coins are often made of .9995 fine Platinum and are one of the rarer elements in the Earth’s crust, with only a few hundred tons mined each year.

The American Platinum Eagle coin’s .9995 purity and platinum weight are both guaranteed, making it suitable for collectors of all types. If you love bullion coins, especially those made from platinum, and are thinking about divesting your portfolio with additional physical precious metals, and then you’re going to like the convenience of platinum bullion coins, for they’re a very attractive option.

The scarcity makes the platinum bars, coins, and rounds a favorite of many collectors and investors. The metal is resistant to corrosion, even at high temperatures, making it an ideal raw material for a number of industrial products, like automotive catalytic converters, electrical contacts, dental equipment, and jewelry. This means the Platinum American Eagle coin is even scarcer than the average precious metal coin. It retains a value which is often competitive with gold and at one time even traded 2x the value of gold.

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