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Whether you are new to investing or have already bought precious metals, you may wish to consider gold coins from all over the world. For example, on this page, we will break down the benefits of investing in gold coins from Russia and show some of the most popular Russian bullion with investors and collectors. These coins do not attract sales tax or VAT upon investment, which appeals to investors and keeps them in regular trade.

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Russian Gold Coins

The majority of the gold coins from Russia we offer on this site are minted by the Saint Petersburg Mint, founded by Peter the Great. Coins from this mint are popular as it is one of the largest and oldest in the industry within Russia, and it is still operating, producing coins, awards, and medals in Russia. We highlight the Russian gold coins with high purities on our site, as these ensure that your investment will remain valuable over time.

Popular Russian Gold Coins

Any of the Russian Gold Coins we display on this site we show in confidence, but inevitably some coins are sold more than others. The Russia Gold Rouble (also known as the Russian Gold Chervonetz), for example, is consistently sought after. It has a purity of 900.0, which contributes to this. It was a legal tender coin during the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, and those interested in this period of history might wish to collect this coin for this reason. It was issued between 1923 and 1982, and its selling price is dictated by the worldwide gold spot price. Due to the fluctuations in the price of gold, it is possible to get this coin at a reasonable price, despite its premiums.

Buying Gold Coins From Russia

Like when buying gold from any country, investors should do thorough research into the Russian gold coins they’re interested in before purchasing. However, we believe that these gold coins are an excellent investment for those looking to invest in precious metals to protect their savings from inflation and diversify their portfolio with some typically low-risk assets. These gold coins from Russia have a unique history and should retain their value in the long term