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When looking to buy precious metals, you might not think to look as far as Finland, but since buying precious metals online has become so simple, we encourage investors to take a look at coins from all over the globe. On this page, we aim to show both new and experienced investors the best silver Finnish Silver Coins that they can invest in and collect at a range of price points.

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Investment Grade Finnish Silver Coins

These silver coins from Finland are typically minted by the Mint of Finland, which was established in 1860 and is the national mint of Finland. Since these coins are legal tender currencies, there are no taxes imposed for trading these coins, making it even easier to buy coins from all over the world online. These coins are all perceived as smart investments by experts due to their high purity and unique designs.

Popular Silver Coins from Finland

The Finland Silver Markaa is the most well-known silver coin from Finland. It was initially minted in 1864 and became the legal tender of Finland. It has a purity of 900.0 and comes in denominations of 1,10, 50,100, and 200 Markaas, giving investors the choice of investing in a common denomination of the coin or a more rare one. There is also a Finland Gold Markaa you can purchase.

Buying Finnish Silver Coins Online

Buying coins such as these online comes with risks, and any investor must do their research and ensure they are buying from an established site that will provide authentic silver coins. That being said, if you buy from a reputable site, investing in silver coins from all over the globe will add more diversity to your investment portfolio and help you to grow your funds in the long term. We believe these to be the best silver coins Finland offers, and we recommend them to any investor looking to put money into a stable asset class.