Canadian Gold Peregrine Falcon

  • Denominations: 50 cents (2011) and $500 (2017)
  • Gold fineness: 0.9999 in both versions
  • Mint: Royal Canadian Mint
  • Weight: 1.27g (2011 version) and 156.05g (2017)
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The Canadian Gold Peregrine Falcon was produced in celebration of the perpetual symbol of grace and majesty, the peregrine falcon. The peregrine falcon ranks highly among the most powerful prey birds in Canada. It has power wings that enable it to fly at over 300 km/hour making it the fastest flier on the planet. While swooping down, the peregrine falcon is spectacular and has graceful agility that enables it to command outstanding prowess in hunting.

There are two versions of the Canadian Gold Peregrine Falcon coin. In 2011, the Royal Canadian Mint minted 2,500 Canadian Gold Peregrine Falcon coins with face values of 50 cents. They weigh 1.27g with a gold purity of 99.99% and are 13.92 millimeters wide. The obverse contains the 2003 effigy of Queen Elizabeth II developed by Susanna Blake facing right. The effigy divides the inscriptions, “ELIZABETH II” and ““D · G · REGINA” to the left and right respectively. The reverse was designed by artist Corrine Hunt. It has the inscriptions, “CANADA · 2011” and “50 CENTS” above and below a peregrine falcon perching on a branch and facing to the right respectively. The inscription, “CH” is below the branch towards the right.

The 2017 version of the Canadian Gold peregrine falcon coin measures 60.15 millimeters, weighs 156.05 grams and contains 5.017 t/oz of gold with a fineness of 0.9999. It has a face value of 500 dollars. Its obverse has similar content as the 2011 50-cent version except that its surface resembles tiled, webbed maple leaves in different sizes.

The reverse was designed by Emily S. Damstra who is an artist from Canada. Its dominant feature is the peregrine falcon with outstretched wings and in flight as if about to swoop. The peregrine faces towards the bottom-left side of the coin with its left wing merging with the edge of the coin. The inscription, “5 OZ” on the top row and, “9999 AU” in the second row below it appear towards the left. The peregrine falcon’s tail feather nearly touches the small inscription, “ED” while the text, “500 DOLLARS · 2017” appears at the bottom.

Additional information


Royal Canadian Mint

Country of Origin



Canadian Wildlife


156.05 gm

Pure Gold Content

5 Troy oz




999.9 fine gold / 24 carat gold


60.15 mm