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Japan has some great gold coins for investors and collectors alike, and on this site, we aim to show you some of the best Japanese Gold Coins the country has to offer. When looking at investing in precious metals, you can diversify your portfolio even further by investing in gold coins from all around the world, and there are huge benefits both to new investors and those with more experience to consider purchasing gold coins from Japan.

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Japanese Gold Coins

These Japanese coins are minted by the Japan Mint, which was established in 1871 in Osaka. There is a 5% tax for trading in Japanese bullion coins, though to many investors looking to make long-term gains, this does not detract enough not to invest in these valuable coins. These gold coins come in various denominations, which means that investors can choose how much they wish to invest in these coins and which features or designs interest them the most.

Popular Gold Coins from Japan

Potentially the most popular gold coin from Japan that we deal with is the Japan Gold Yen. This gold coin was first minted in 1870 by the Japan Mint and comes in 2, 5, and 20 yen. This coin can be traced back to the Meiji regime and the 1871 New Currency Act. It has a purity of 900.0, making it popular with investors who prioritize the quality of gold to guarantee that their investment will remain high value over time.

Buying Gold Coins from Japan

The Japanese gold coins that we offer on this site make a wise investment for those looking to diversify their portfolio by investing in another asset class. Buying gold coins online is an easy way of protecting your wealth from inflation. These gold coins from Japan are considered highly by investors; thus, their value should remain, regardless of fluctuations in the economy. Be sure to check that the gold coins you are buying are authentic and well-priced before making any quick purchases.