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For those of you who are familiar with investing in precious metals already, you will know that South America has some excellent gold coin options for you to invest in. On this site, we aim to show both seasoned investors and those new to precious metals what we consider to be the best South American Gold Coins options for your investment, whether you are a collector or solely an investor. These gold coins come from countries across South America and feature many exciting coins which are scarce, high quality, and coveted by investors worldwide.

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Investment Grade South America Gold Coins

The coins we have collated are diverse in their origins and have been minted across the globe, some in the Brazilian Mint, others the Argentine Mint, and even the Paris Mint. The gold coins from South America we have chosen to highlight come in pure to nearly pure gold fineness, significantly benefiting investors who seek to trade these coins frequently. These coins come in a range of denominations, meaning that any investor, regardless of how much they wish to spend on gold coins, has options.

Popular South American Gold Coins

Each of the South American gold coins we have displayed above has unique benefits to investors; however, some coins are traded more regularly than others. For example, the Brazil Gold Reis has been minted since 1723 and is relatively rare; therefore, it is well-known among those interested in South American gold coins. Its fineness of 91.7% across all denominations also makes it a popular choice. The Argentina Gold Peso is also a great choice for investors and collectors alike, known for its unique design and historical significance.

Buying South American Gold Coins Online

If you are considering buying gold coins, there are many coins to consider from South America. When looking at the coins online, make sure you understand the precious metals market and the risks associated with buying coins online. To ensure you purchase authentic gold coins that will preserve their value, buy from a well-known and trusted site. We promise that any links on our website are to sellers that will provide you with genuine precious metals to help you grow your investment.