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France has some wonderful silver coins for those looking to invest in precious metals and diversify their investment portfolio. These days, now that investors and collectors can find coins online, they can consider coins from all over the globe. Here, therefore, we have gathered what we consider to be the best French Silver Coins for your perusal.

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Investment Grade French Silver Coins

These silver coins from France are minted by the Paris Mint, or Monnaie de Paris. It was founded in 864 AD, and it is the oldest continuously running minting institution in the world. These coins are an exciting investment to many for this very reason. Both collectors and investors can buy these coins online exempt from sales tax or VAT, making buying coins from worldwide dealers easier than ever.

Popular Silver Coins from France

The France Silver Franc is a well-known European silver coin to investors globally. This coin was introduced in 1799 and used to be the official currency of France. It comes in various denominations for investors to consider: 1, 5, 10, 50, and 100 francs. It has a fineness of 835.0 and is enjoyed equally by investors who want to have a piece of French history and those who prioritize investing in high-quality silver coins.

Buying French Silver Coins Online

If you are considering buying silver coins from France, we believe these are the best available to you. We encourage any investor to research and understand both the qualities of silver coins and the precious metals market before making any automatic purchases. It is also vital to consider the website you are buying your precious metals from to make sure you buy genuine silver that will retain its value long term.