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If you are looking to invest in physical precious metals, we have chosen some German gold coins that may interest you. These gold coins are in limited supply and exist in multiple denominations; therefore, they are suitable for collectors and investors alike. The German bullion available on this site is a significant piece of German history, and this, alongside their high purity, means that these gold coins should sustain their high-value long term.

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German Gold Coins

These German coins have been minted by various mints across the country, including the Hamburg mint, which dates back to 834CE. Trading these German coins does not attract any sales tax or VAT, which benefits its investors. Within each coin, there is also a variety of options for you to invest in, for example the Mark comes in denominations of 5, 10, and 20, and the Euro in 20, 100, and 200. The variety in the designs in these gold coins means that there are rare German coins available, which might be of interest to you.

Popular Gold Coins from Germany

The most popular gold coins from Germany are the German Gold Euro and German Gold Mark, which both have a rich history, making them a wise choice for experienced or new investors looking to begin collecting or investing in precious metals. EU member countries issue the Gold Euro as a commemorative coin. The German Mint struck the German version in 2002, with a federal eagle design surrounded by 12 stars, representing the 12 initial states of Germany. The German Gold Mark is much older, struck between 1871 and 1914, and was used as the currency of the German Empire. These coins are scarce and come in different designs for each state of Germany within that period.

Buying Gold Coins from Germany

Buying gold coins online can be risky, so be sure to check the bullion prices online to make sure you are buying from a reputable site and are paying a competitive price for your gold. The gold coins from Germany provided on this site are authentic and wise investments for those looking to protect their funds from inflation. These particular coins that we have chosen to offer are consistently sought after by investors; thus, your investment will grow over time. Be sure to look at the details regarding each gold coin available to fully understand your potential investment.