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If you are interested in buying Austrian gold coins online, we have a fantastic collection for you to consider. There is no sales tax or VAT on these Austrian gold coins, and different weights, prices, and designs are available. These Austrian coins each have an exciting history, which collectors value. Take a look at the options below to see if any of these gold coins are of interest and read on to find out more about what makes these coins unique.

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Austrian Gold Coins

Austrian gold coins are manufactured in the Austrian Mint in Vienna. The facility was founded in 1194 and is one of Europe’s oldest mints. This means that many of these coins have a long history, such as the Austrian Gold Corona, which is one of the oldest bullion coins. Further, these Austrian bullion coins come in varying purities. Some of them are more susceptible to changes in value than other gold coins, often due to high demand and premiums. This demand makes them a desirable investment, and each of these coins has its reasons for increasing in value over time.

Popular Coins from Austria

As mentioned above, these Austria coins have a rich history, which investors love, subsequently impacting their value. For example, the Austrian Gold Schilling was the official currency of Austria leading up to the Second World War 1925-1938 and again after the conflict 1945-1999. The Austrian Gold Ducat is thought to have first been struck before 1612 in the Kingdom of Austria, and the coin is wider and thinner than modern gold coins. The Austrian Gold Philharmonic is known to investors as a beautiful gold coin. It comes in silver and platinum and different sizes, giving investors the option to collect the coins or choose their favorite.

Investing in Austrian Bullion Coins

Austrian bullion coins have been a store of value for a long time, and thus investors should be reassured that buying Austrian coins is a wise investment. There are smaller, less rare Austria gold coins for investors with less money to purchase gold with. Still, if you’re interested in spending a little more, the Austrian Gold Corona, for example, might be the most suitable gold investment.