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Many investors love Australian gold coins for their unique histories, and we are proud to offer some of the most exciting and valuable gold coins on the market. All of the gold coins we offer on this site are perfect for investing, and below, you can discover the benefits of investing in each of these interesting gold coins.

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Australian Gold Coins

The Australian gold coins we offer above are minted by the Perth Mint, the last of the three Australian colonial branches of the United Kingdom’s Royal Mint (Sydney and Melbourne Mint are no longer operating). These facilities worked with gold from the gold rushes and mint gold sovereigns and half-sovereigns for the Empire. The Royal Australian Mint is responsible for producing coins for circulation, such as the Australian dollar, whereas the Perth mint issues legal tender coins. Since 2000, Perth Mint has been recognized as a world heritage site, given its history.

Popular Coins from Australia

Whether you’re looking for the purest gold coins or a particularly unique Australian coin, there are many options for your investment. The Australian Gold Year of the Monkey, for example, is 24-carat gold and comes in eight different sizes. The Australian Gold Kangaroo has been minted for the longest time by Perth Mint, and its excellent quality, detailed design, and exemption from sales tax and VAT make it a consistently popular choice with investors. If you are looking for a coin with a fascinating history, the Australian Gold War in the Pacific was issued to commemorate the partnership between Australia and the United States during the Second World War.

Investing in Australian Gold Coins

As you can see, there are diverse options when it comes to investing in Australian coins. Suppose you are looking to collect resembling gold coins. In that case, there is the Australian Lunar Series completed in 2019 with the Year of the Pig design, or you might prefer to go for the Sovereign, Half-Sovereign or even the Gold Koala if you want to invest in a piece of colonial history. Either way, we believe these Australian gold coins to be a fantastic investment; their purity and uniqueness should ensure their value holds over time.