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Preppers Guide For Buying Gold & Silver

Buying Gold & Silver For Survival

Buying gold and silver for survival is a controversial topic and one of which a lot of survivalists can’t agree on. You may have heard the saying “you can’t eat gold”. Whilst this is true, you can use precious metals to buy food, drinks and other necessities you would need in a survival situation. Gold,…
Investing In Gold

Investing in Gold

Gold is a relatively rare precious metal and it is extremely durable, so it tends to maintain its value better than other assets such as property or equities. It is therefore an important means of diversifying one’s portfolio and providing a form of insurance against shocks in the market by investing in gold. We recommend…
Buy Physical Gold

Why Buy Physical Gold?

A common question among new investors is “Why buy physical gold?”. Investment in gold can take any of a number of different forms, including speculative investments such as unallocated or allocated gold certificates, gold ETF’s and gold-linked investment funds, but having ownership of physical gold in the form of bullion or coins gives you more…
Why Buy Gold

Why Should I Buy Gold?

Gold has been recognized as a precious metal and a store of value for thousands of years, and the ownership of physical gold continues to be viewed as a safe option against the vagaries of an unpredictable economic situation, including stock market crashes and, in some parts of the world, rampant inflation. But investing in…
Gold Coins vs Gold Bars

Gold Coins vs Gold Bars

Having made the important decision to invest in physical gold in order to buffer your portfolio against the shocks and uncertainties of the stock market, your next step is to decide whether to concentrate on Gold Coins vs Gold Bars. To a large extent this depends on your motivation for investing, how much you are…
Buy Gold Coins

Where To Buy Gold Coins?

Gold coins represent a convenient, affordable and low risk means of entry into the arena of gold investment, since fractional coins as small as the 1/20oz Australian Gold Nugget can be purchased, although a 1oz gold coin would be a better option as the premium will be proportionally lower. Ownership of such a hard asset…
Where To Buy Gold Bars

Where Can I Buy Gold Bars?

Gold bars tend to be cheaper per unit than gold coins, which make them the mainstay of the gold bullion industry. Apart from individual investors, governments also use gold in the form of bullion bars to store and trade, because of their ease of storage. Which leaves the burning question – Where Can I Buy…
Spotting Fake Gold Coins

Where Can I Store Gold Bullion?

Just as important as deciding the type and source of bullion that suits your situation best, is the decision regarding “Where Can I Store Gold Bullion?”. Gold bars are one of humankind’s most definitive forms of currency, they are private, liquid, portable, and will last forever. If kept secure, they will protect your investment portfolio…
Gold or Silver As Investment

Gold or Silver as an Investment

Gold and silver are both precious metals that can be used for investment purposes, but it needs to be kept in mind that the two metals have different properties, both physical and economic, that suit different needs. This investment guide helps to explain whether to buy Gold or Silver as an Investment. Difference in Value…
Spotting Fake Gold Coins

Spotting Fake Gold Bullion Coins

When buying bullion coins locally, especially if the dealer is not part of a large reputable business, it will be wise to know how to check if you are being sold a counterfeit coin. It is said that treasury agents are trained not in the qualities of counterfeits, but in those of the genuine article.…
Reputable Gold Dealers

Signs of a Reputable Gold Dealer

No “bait and switch” tactics Reputable gold dealers will not try the ‘bait and switch’ manoeuvre on you, where they lure you into the shop with a supposed bargain on bullion coins and then try to steer you towards rather buying numismatic coins that have little investment value for you, but a high markup for…

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