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If you are considering investing in physical precious metals, we have a range of Indian bullion which might be of interest. These gold coins are in limited supply yet exist in multiple denominations and designs, making them suitable for collectors and investors alike. You can put as much or as little money as you’d like into gold bullion, as there are some less pure options and some rare, high-value coins. If you’re considering investing in gold coins, we highly encourage you to look at these Indian options.

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Indian Gold Coins

These Indian coins have been minted in various locations, greatly dictated by the period and the state of the British Empire. If you are interested in India’s history and collecting gold coins, for this reason, you will likely want to add these gold coins to your collection. The Indian Government Mint is now owned completely by the Government of India and mints all gold coins in India. These Indian gold coins come in various denominations; for example, the Ashrafi comes in eighths, quarters, halves and one coin, and even the pure gold content varies depending on where the coin was minted and its denomination. For this reason, be sure you know exactly what you’re investing in.

Popular Gold Coins from India

On this site, we pride ourselves on providing the most popular gold coins. The India Gold Ashrafi, for example, was minted in 1931 and came in a variety of purities, denominations, and therefore values. This means that there are many different versions of the coin for collectors and investors to consider. The India Gold Sovereign is another choice that is particularly sought after. They were only minted in 1918 and these days are given as gifts or legal tender in the United Kingdom due to their value.

Buying Gold Coins from India

Investing in gold bullion such as these Indian coins is a wise way of diversifying your portfolio and ensuring that your savings do not lose value over time. However, we understand that buying gold coins online can feel scary if you have not done it before. We do recommend that all investors and collectors do their research before choosing to purchase gold bullion. These particular coins that we have decided to offer have maintained their value over time and remain popular with investors. As a consequence of this demand, your investment should not fluctuate dramatically in value and instead should grow in the long term.