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If you are looking to invest in gold coins from all over the globe, there are some great options from Spain that we encourage you to consider. Buying gold coins online can be an easy way of diversifying your portfolio by investing in a stable asset class, and these Spanish Gold Coins can help you protect your wealth over time. Alternatively, you might be looking to collect coins, in which case, we have some great coins with interesting histories and designs for you, too.

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Spanish Gold Coins

The Spanish coins we have selected here are minted by the Royal Mints of Seville or Madrid, depending on when they were minted. Trading these Spanish gold coins does not attract any sales tax or VAT, which greatly benefits investors. We have chosen to draw your attention to gold coins with high purity, as these tend to maintain their value more successfully over time, protecting your funds most safely.

Popular Gold Coins from Spain

There are numerous gold coins from Spain that those who are accustomed to precious metals investing will likely recognize; however, the Spain Gold Escudo is potentially the most popular coin that we look at on this site. It was first minted in 1535 to aid Spanish merchants in trading with Argentina, Cuba, and Mexico. It is available in 8, 4, 2,1, and ½ escudos and has a purity of 917.0. The age and history of this coin and its fineness are what attracts investors consistently.

Buying Gold Coins from Spain

Regardless of whether you are already familiar with these coins or not, these Spanish gold coins would form an excellent part of your precious metals investment and should sustain their value over time. When buying any coins online, it is important to make sure you are buying from a trustworthy website to ensure that you are buying authentic gold coins. Be sure to read up about each coin you’re considering and check its prices on multiple websites.