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For those interested in purchasing precious metals, whether as collectibles or as a method of diversifying your portfolio, we recommend that you consider gold coins from Holland. We aim to make investors aware of the very best precious metal investment options on this site, and the Netherlands gold coins we offer are bound to be a wise investment option for you. There are options to put a little of your money into these coins or purchase something rarer in the hopes of its value growing over time.

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Netherlands Gold Coins

These gold coins from the Netherlands are minted by the Royal Dutch Mint, which was founded in 1567 and received exclusive coin striking and issuance rights in 1807 under King Louis Napoleon’s rule. These coins tend to be tax-exempt in certain territories, so it is worth checking the regulations around you. All of the gold coins from the Netherlands that we offer have a rich history and are sought after by investors interested in European history.

Popular Gold Coins from the Netherlands

All of the coins we offer from the Netherlands have their benefits and unique histories, but inevitably some coins are more popular than others. The Netherlands Gold Ducat is one of these. It was first minted back in 1586 and has a purity of 0.981. Various versions of the Ducat have been minted over the centuries, and generally, trading this coin does not attract any sales tax or VAT, depending on the location. Similarly, the Netherlands Gold Gulden is another popular coin that comes in various denominations, sizes, and weights. It has a fineness of 0.900, which is one reason why investors enjoy trading this coin.

Buying Coins from the Holland

If you are looking into buying gold coins, these options from the Netherlands are smart choices. Their high purity levels and their long history make them of interest to many, and this has kept their value stable for a long while. Be sure to check the price of the gold coins you wish to invest in to make sure the rate you are paying is fair and from a reputable website. We can assure you that any coins advertised on this site are authentic and will protect your money from inflation in the long term.