Buy Swiss Silver Coins Online

Suppose you are considering purchasing precious metals to diversify your investment portfolio, or wish to collect some coins from around the world. In that case, these Swiss Silver Coins are undoubtedly worthy of your consideration. These coins have a high fineness, unique designs, and function as currency and legal tender in Switzerland. Below, we have gathered what we consider to be the best silver coins available from Switzerland that you can buy online.

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Investment Grade Swiss Silver Coins

These silver coins are minted by the Swissmint, which was founded in 1848. When bought online, these coins are all free from VAT and sales tax charges, making it easy for investors and collectors to diversify their portfolio with precious metals from Europe as quickly as from the United States. We have prioritized showing you silver coins with high purity, as we believe that these Swiss coins are sure to maintain their silver price and high value over time, therefore keeping your investment as safe as possible.

Popular Silver Coins from Switzerland

The Swiss Silver Franc is the most popular silver coin from Switzerland with investors and collectors. It is both the currency and legal tender of Switzerland. Introduced in 1850, the coin has a purity of 900.0 and is most commonly found in denominations of 5 Francs, though others are available. It features a portrait of Helvetia, known as the female personification of Switzerland, on the coin’s face.

Buying Silver Coins from Switzerland

Buying precious metals such as these silver coins is a wise way of protecting your savings from inflation in a relatively low-risk manner. Despite this, it is still vital that collectors and investors comprehend the workings of the precious metals market and make sure they are buying authentic precious metals. When purchasing online, be sure to buy your silver from reputable sites that offer prices similar to others online and ensure the coins are certified.