Canadian Gold Timber Wolf

  • Mint year: 2017
  • Denomination: $2,500
  • Mintage: 10 worldwide
  • Gold content: 1kg (99.99 percent pure)
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The Canadian Gold Timber Wolf coin was issued in 2017 as the fourth wildlife coin in a six-coin series of coinage where Canada showcases and celebrates its rich, diverse wildlife since 2010. The wildlife coins are issued annually. The Timber Wolf (synonymously called the Mackenzie Valley wolf), whose botanical name is Canis lupus occidentalis, is mainly found in the Western region of Canada. Amongst the most eminent features of the wolf is the glowing gaze, which has been translated to imply enigmatic intelligence, pride and wisdom.

The Canadian Gold Timber Wolf coin is 101.6 millimeters in diameter, weighs in at a whole 1000 grams gross and has a face value of $2,500. It comprises of an equal actual gold weight with a purity of 99.99 percent. Investors and collectors will find this coin most appealing due to various reasons apart from the gold content. First, only 10 of these coins were minted and issued globally and, hence, owning one means that only 9 other people are likely to have it once it is old out like its predecessors. Second, trading in the coin does not attract any taxes. Third, you will have a stunningly beautiful coin in the finest of detail.

The coin’s obverse contains the head portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, which was done by Susanna Blunt, facing to the right. It is flanked by the inscription, “ELIZABETH II” to the left and “D · G · REGINA” to the right. The reverse design of the Gold Timber Wolf is by Pierre Leduc, a Canadian artist. On it, the huge head of the Canadian Timber Wolf facing straight forward dominates. The eyes of the wolf have colored enamel that looks like chartreuse on each iris, which enhance the eminence of the animal and the beauty of the coin at the same time. The inscription, “PL” appears to the right of the wolf while the name, “CANADA” is below the wolf.

The Royal Canadian Mint exclusively mints and distributes the Canadian Gold Timber Wolf coin. It was founded in Ottawa, Canada on January 2, 1908 as a Crown corporation owned by the Government of Canada.

Additional information


Royal Canadian Mint

Country of Origin



Canadian Wildlife


1000.00 gm

Pure Gold Content

32.15 Troy oz




999.9 fine gold / 24 carat gold


101.60 mm