Buy Middle East Gold Coins Online

For those looking to buy gold coins, it is almost impossible to ignore the exciting options from the Middle East. Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Israel, and others have some amazing investment options that will help you protect your money from inflation and let it grow over time. We have picked the best investment options out of the gold coins available from the Middle East and encourage you to study the different benefits of each of these coins.

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Middle Eastern Gold Coins

Of course, since these coins come from numerous countries, they are minted all over the Middle East. Since there is such a variety of coins from this part of the world, you can choose exactly what denomination you would like to invest in and whether you just want to invest in something relatively cheap or find a rarer gold coin and invest more. Some of these coins are of the highest purity; for example, the Dubai Gold Palm Jumeria is 999.9 fine gold (and duty-free, too), making it a popular and valuable coin to investors.

Popular Gold Coins from the Middle East

We have collated some of the most popular gold coins from the Middle East. For example, the Egypt Gold Pound was first minted in 1837 but continued to be minted into the 20th Century. They come in various denominations and are 999.9 pure gold. The Iran Gold Pahlavi is another popular choice, which varies in pure gold content and denomination. It derives its name from the last Irani shah (king), Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi.

Buying Coins from the Middle East

When it comes to buying gold coins from the Middle East, there is evidently an abundance of choices. If you’re new to investing, buying these coins online might seem overwhelming. Still, we recommend every investor properly research the properties of these coins and get to know the precious metal market before making any purchases. Of course, check that the site you are buying from is trustworthy and that the price you are being charged for your gold coins is fair.