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On this site, we aim to provide you with the best gold coin investment options from all over the world. If you are interested in gold coins from Portugal, we have numerous options for you in various denominations, designs, and prices. Some of these coins are commemorative, others legal tender, but we believe that these Portuguese Gold Coins make a wise investment for those looking to buy precious metals to collect or invest in the long term.

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Portuguese Gold Coins

This selection of Portuguese gold coins comes from various mints and periods of history, with the Portugal Gold Cruzado, for example, dating back to 1457 and coming in 20 variations. Collectors can enjoy the variety in this collection of gold coins and may wish to collect some of them from Portugal in their different designs. Investors benefit from there being no sales tax or VAT on any of these coins, too.

Popular Gold Coins from Portugal

Many of the coins we offer from Portugal are well known to investors. The Portugal Gold Escudo has a long history and was first minted in 1722 in various denominations. It was reintroduced between 1911 and 2001 as a commemorative coin and has a high purity of 917.0. Likewise, the Portugal Gold Peca has a fineness of 917.0 and comes in numerous designs to reflect its different mintages from 1818 to 1824.

Buying Gold Coins from Portugal

These coins are all excellent options if you are looking to buy high-quality gold coins that will protect your wealth and diversify your portfolio. These Portuguese coins are a wise choice whether you are a new investor or just looking for your next gold coin to put your money into. However, we will always recommend making sure you understand the precious metals market and the risks that come with investing. Be sure that the coins you buy are authentic to guarantee that their value will hold over time.