How To Buy Gold Coins From The Post Office?


For as long as we can remember, the Royal Mint has sold collectible gold and silver coins that commemorate various special events such as Royal birthdays, military victories and technological achievements. These are sold via the official website, online coin dealers, local coin dealers, tv adverts and, unknown to some, the post office. Which asks the question, how to buy gold coins from the Post Office? Well, it’s easy if you know how.

The Post Office used to have a small number of collectible coins for sale that are issued by The Royal Mint (the official manufacturer of all legal tender British Gold Coins), but If you are looking to buy gold and silver coins online from the Post Office now, you’re going to be disappointed. Unfortunately, their shop is now closed but you can still buy Royal Mint gold coins from the official Royal mint website.

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If you are new to buying gold coins for investment purposes as opposed to collecting, the post office is probably the wrong place to look. Although you can buy bullion gold coins from your local post office (see a list of stockists here), again the list is limited and only some of the Royal Mint Gold Bullion coin products are available.

Another important point to note if you do decide to buy gold coins from the post office; is that the collectible coins that are sold online are slightly more overpriced than typical gold bullion coins as they are manufactured specifically for collectors. Gold bullion coins are usually produced to a less than perfect finish than special-edition gold coins that are made for collectors. This is because their price is tracked precisely on the gold they contain as opposed to the finish of a collectible coin.

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