British Gold The Queen’s Beasts

  • Launched in: 2016
  • Denominations: 100 Pounds
  • Actual Gold Weight: 31.21g 24-carat gold (1 t/oz, 999.9 fineness)
  • Sales and VAT tax: Exempt
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The Queen’s Beasts are a collection of gold coins that were inspired by centuries of heritage and tradition. The 10 heraldic statues that represent Queen Elizabeth II’s genealogy are the Queen’s Beasts. The gold coinage series based on these Beasts was launched in 2016. So far, only six of the 10 beasts are represented in gold coins.

All six gold coins are made out of 24-carat gold (1 t/oz with a fineness of 999.9). they all have equal gross weights of 31.21 grams and actual gold weights of 31.103 grams. All six coins have diameters of 32.69 millimeters. The British Gold The Queens Beast coins also have similar obverse features like the Queen’s effigy facing towards the right surrounded by the inscription, “ELIZABETH·II·D·G REG·FID·DEF·100·POUNDS·” and the minuscule “JC” inscription below the Queen’s neckline. The main differences are on their obverses.

The Lion of England’s Queens Beast obverse has the lion’s image holding the coat of arms with the right front paw stretched out and the inscription “JC” beneath it. The inscription, “LION OF ENGLAND·1OZ FINE GOLD·999.99·2016” running clockwise surrounds the lion. The obverse of The Griffin has the image of the Griffin of Edward’s claws clamping onto a shield and beneath the shield is the inscription, “JC”. The text, “GRIFFIN OF EDWARD III OZ·FINE GOLD·999.9·2017” runs clockwise from the bottom left to the bottom right while “JC” runs clockwise at the bottom. The obverse of the Unicorn of Scotland contains the image of the Unicorn facing towards the right with a shield beneath its left front leg and the text, “JC” below the shield running anticlockwise. It contains the text, “UNICORN OF SCOTLAND 1OZ·FINE GOLD·999.9·2018” around the image.

The image of the Black Bull of Clarence with a shield above the text, “JC” and surrounded by the inscription, “BLACK BULL OF CLARENCE 1OZ·FINE GOLD·999.9·2018” on the coin’s obverse. The Falcon of the Plantagenets’ obverse has the Falcon, wings spread wide, holding onto a shield with its claws surrounded by the inscription, “FALCON OF THE PLANTAGENETS·1OZ·FINE GOLD·999.9·2019” ending before the anticlockwise text, “JC”. Trading in the Queen’s British Beasts’ coinage is not subject to sales and VAT tax.

Additional information


The Royal Mint

Country of Origin

United Kingdom


31.21 gm

Pure Gold Content

1 Troy oz




32.69 mm


999.9 fine gold / 24 carat gold