Biggest Gold Robberies Of All Time

The 20 Biggest Gold Heists in History

The fame and fortune that is associated with a gold bullion heist is, for most of us, in the realms of our deepest and darkest fantasies. The thought of living in riches and never having to work again has attracted some individuals to try their luck at stealing large hoards of gold, and although many…

Inheritance Tax & Gold Bullion

Inheritance tax is a tax on the money or the possessions you leave to your family or friends when you die. But, do you have to pay inheritance tax on gold bullion? In most countries, the answer is yes, but there are clever ways you can pass on more to your family as opposed to…
Post Office

How To Buy Gold Coins From The Post Office?

For as long as we can remember, the Royal Mint has sold collectible gold and silver coins that commemorate various special events such as Royal birthdays, military victories and technological achievements. These are sold via the official website, online coin dealers, local coin dealers, tv adverts and, unknown to some, the post office. Which asks…
Gold Mining Guyana

Gold and Diamond Mining in Guyana

Guyana has long been known as a producer of both gold and diamonds for centuries. However, it wasn’t until the turn of the 21st century that Guyana started to receive attention from mining companies around the world. For a period of approximately 25 years, the country went into an economic depression under the leadership of…

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